You meet all sorts of very interesting people through LinkedIn. Last week I made a connection with Martin Dewhurst and he made the effort to contact me directly. Martin is a very interesting character. After a career in reprographics and design he has been involved in charity based activities with the aim of providing the means for those in refugee camps and the like to begin growing food for themselves and their families. This is an interesting approach. It isn’t food aid, although the need for that is clear in the short term, but for providing the first step towards a self-sustaining existence for these millions of displaced people. His invention, known as the FoodCube, comprises a complete kit to enable people, even in poor soil areas, to begin growing food on a sort of allotment. He has had assistance from UNICEF and academic sources to ensure the kit has all the right contents for the proposed area of distribution. He attracted some funding for successful preliminary trials. He is now ready for the next step – a larger scale pilot scheme to establish the viability of the system and bring it to the attention of aid agencies and national governments who are seeking to cope with the tide of refugees and displaced persons. Can you, or your company, help Martin on his way? You can find him on LinkedIn. Just search for “Martin Dewhurst Innovator”. Also you can find his latest article through this link… Tony Lord, R&D Tax Rebate Expert P.S. Disclaimer – This summary is the work of Tony Lord and I have no connection to Martin other than as a LinkedIn connection. PPS Innovative businesses need more cash, so they can innovate more. I solve that. Contact me today. (