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Butler, Basford and Lord Ltd.
20 – 22 Richfield Avenue
RG1 8EQTel No.
08450 17 97 37

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 David Butler David Butler, Chief Executive of Butler Basford & Lord Ltd. was Chairman and co-founder of Butler Cox plc and the originator of the Butler Cox Foundation, the most successful IT research programme ever launched in Europe. He also served on the board of Istel Limited, on the Roskill Fraud Trial Committee and on the investment committee of the United Bank of Kuwai. He has had a lifelong interest in the success of Information Technology companies and assisted in their development thorough the many initiatives of Butler Cox.
  Hedley Basford is a chartered accountant and certified management consultant with an MBA from Cranfield. His specialist subject is business research, combining a keen analytical mind with with his business experience and his accounting qualifications. As such he is uniquely qualified to advise on the details and nuances of the complex regulations surrounding the R & D Tax Credit incentive.
Tony_SAM_2508  Tony Lord is a Chartered Engineer experienced in high tech design, implementation and post installation support, Tony has specialised for almost 20 years in helping organisations make the best use of their information technology. He has taken part in and managed high tech development teams of both software and hardware, managed IT delivery teams and undertaken implemetation projects of various sizes.