CIU Membership CertificateThe Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics, based at the University of Warwick, has been established as the UK’s focal point for the development of skills and knowledge in industrial ultrasonics. The Centre comprises of a team of over 20 researchers in the School of Engineering and the Department of Physics, led by four highly experienced academics who have run a number of very successful, large scale research projects and technology transfer programmes. The Centre was established specifically to help industrial organisations get access to specialised research expertise and equipment.

The Centre provides help to member companies by providing access to specialised knowledge, undertaking specific investigations and testing that may be beyond the member’s ability or require specific equipment not readily available. It also hosts a number of events and facilitates co-operation between members.

Butler Basford and Lord provide a readily available resource for members to help them claim cash for the R&D work they undertake.

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