US company Meditronic has increased its earnings per share forecast based solely on the renewal of the US R&D Tax Credit.

The Minneapolis-based medical-equipment maker said it expects to earn $3.66 to $3.70 per share. Its prior guidance was for $3.62 to $3.70 per share.

Medtronic said that the new guidance is based on the beneficial impact from the renewal of the U.S. Research and Development tax credit. The company estimates the credit adds 4 cents per share to its full-year earnings.

So what is it worth for you and your company in the UK?

Another US company, Amgen Inc.  lowered its earnings estimates was by $0.10 for 2012. This lowered figure was said to be due to a delay in the financial impact of a research and development tax credit. The original forecast was based on the R&D Tax Credit being in place long before its actual renewal of Jan 1, 2013.

How do you find out more?

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