How often is it that there is good news for UK tax payers? In this competitive world bad news for companies in other countries is good news for UK companies.

If you are an innovative company in the UK you can claim R&D Tax Credits against all your eligible expenditure. The amount you can claim is not limited so long as it comes within the definition of R&D as described by HMRC. You don’t have to be profitable, there is no Exchequer imposed limit, the amounts are not limited by the Corporation Tax tax you have paid.

If, however, your ocmpany was in Florida, for example, then you can only claim up to 50% of the state company tax you are due to pay and the total pot is limited to $9M for the entire state.

Are you claiming? If not, then why not? Have you been told you cannot claim? All of our clients were so advised, and now have much more cash in their businesses to use to grow their success.